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Marketing Businesses Using 3D & CGI Animation

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At Top Notch Cinema, one of our huge differentiators is our advanced knowledge of computer technology in video production.Once CGI (computer-generated imagery) animation technology became a growing trend in film, we learned to perfect it. What's next in film? We're always looking for it!

Through 3D and CGI animation, our clients are easily able to:

    Demonstrate Products - The beauty of 3D and CGI video is that we're able to take your viewers into another state of reality. Consumers can then see how a product will work in real life, its size, color and more. By having a 3D or CGI video readily available, consumers can get a better feel for a product, leading to more opportunities and sales.
    Easily Display Data - When your sales team is in the field, a vital aspect of gaining new business is presenting your product's data, statistics and photos. At Top Notch Cinema, we take it a step further by creating 3D and CGI films to further show these off by bringing them to life. Leave boring spreadsheets and pie charts in the past!
    Give Tours - Whether your customers are looking for a new home, traveling to your resort or applying to your university, they want to see photos. Take it to the next level with a customized 3D or CGI virtual tour! Consumers want to research a location before taking a trip anywhere, so allow them to immerse themselves with an expertly made tour video by Top Notch Cinema.

3D Animation vs. Live-Action Video

While 3D video is the wave of the future for digital marketing, it's not for everyone. Many people still prefer its counterpart, live-action video, for various reasons. For example, having to wear 3D glasses and buy equipment can be an obstacle. Also, not having a lot of 3D media readily available, along with the fact that certain people simply don't like 3D images. At Top Notch Cinema, we can tailor a corporate video to you and your consumers' needs with 3D, live-action video, CGI or all three.

Steps for Producing 3D & CGI Animation

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At Top Notch Cinema, we use a comprehensive approach during your 3D or CGI project. We start by getting to know your business, your industry, and which media channels are most appropriate for distributing your video. We specialize in taking your business goals and vision and making it into a work of art that you'll be proud to share with your customers in Stamford, CT , and abroad. Next, we outline your video project, from scripting, location scouting, castings, shooting, concept creation, story boarding and video editing. For CGI film, we combine both static and dynamic footage then add computerized special effects. After your footage is taken and edited to the highest industry standards, we market it to your potential consumers. We have worked with virtually all industries, including real estate, restaurants, government, schools, industrial and more!

To learn more about how we can take your business to the next level with the most advanced 3D and CGI video on the market, contact Top Notch Cinema today.

Communication was effortless even though we live on opposite sides of the country. Responsive and professional. They were spot on with their timeline and held true to every commitment with a meeting or chat. We absolutely love the video they created and are certain that it will be hugely beneficial to our growth and visibility. Preston Brown, DDS
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